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    We will always ensure that our specialist tax advisers are on hand for your lifetime needs, meaning you can concentrate on enjoying life, whilst we concentrate on securing your future and the needs of your loved ones.

    Our Vision

    We hold old fashioned values without antiquated systems, bringing quality back to your high street, with a friendly smile and a trustworthy service that you turn to for any of your legal needs.

    Our Mission

    We aim to be the number one tax advisers in London, UK, offering a bespoke service for all our members’ legal needs. Our sole aim is to add significant value to our members by increasing their future security.

    Most people we see are not aware of the many things they can easily do to improve their situation and protect their wishes, values and estate for themselves and their loved ones. Estate Planning is not just what happens when you die; it’s always, what to do while you are alive. Our tax advisers in London can, of course, organise a simple, straightforward will for you. The service is super easy and fast as well.

    However, most people want the best for the lowest price, our in-depth service, which ensures clients are well informed, and all potential scenarios are covered, will deliver these outcomes. Our tax advisers offer this service for the same price, meaning you simply choose what’s best for you. Straightforward will planning, or In-depth

    Firstly we get to know you.We call this our Fact Finding processes. Firstly our tax advisers establish what assets you have, any properties you may own or partly own, as well as any banks or savings accounts. Then compile a list of any other liquid assets. If you are potentially affected by IHT, we go into further detail as well, such as previous gifts, trusts, business assets and a full detailed appraisal of the facts. Then we would find out who and what is important to you with regards to potential situations you may find yourself in the future. Our questions and interview process designed to deliver efficient and comfortable service as possible, while ensuring no stone goes unturned.

    Then our tax advisers take you through our unique goal planning tool. This picture lead experience helps you visualise over 50 different scenarios. Along with the associate or consultant, you will together prioritise the most important things for you.

    Then our tax advisers assess your risk, which you can layer over your investments, to ensure they will deliver as you hoped—a critical part of estate planning.

    The help of Oxford Risk.

    Oxford Risk is a spin-out company of the University of Oxford, offering solutions for investor risk profiling for any investments you may have. Devised from decades of academic research into the measurement of psychological traits, the format uses psychometric questions to evaluate your overall willingness to take a risk, delivering accurate and consistent results.

    These three crucial steps will ensure that we consider everything for your estate planning needs, from carefully considering the facts to your goals and how your attitude towards risk, can structure what level of protection you seek.

    Legal solutions can be tailored to each individual member and due to our professional and personal approach we are able to form lifelong, strong and trustworthy relationships with our members. We pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes in order to meet the needs of all of our members and assist them in confidently moving forward into the future.

    Inheritance Tax planning, Will writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trust creations are not regulated by the FCA. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future.

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